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Home Health Agencies

HRS’ PatientConnect suite provides home health providers with the tools they need to monitor their high-risk patients at home, resulting in avoided hospital readmissions and improved patient engagement and adherence. 
Who We Help - Home Health Agencies

Enabling Seamless Care Transitions For Home Health Providers

40 of the Largest 100 Home Health Agencies in the United States use HRS

HRS home health clients across the country are utilizing PatientConnect telehealth and RPM to improve care transitions, reduce readmissions and ED utilization, and deliver the best possible patient care.

Telehealth Solutions For Every Patient

PatientConnect Complete

PatientConnect Complete

Monitor your highest risk patients with HRS' all-encompassing remote patient monitoring solution.

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PatientConnect Core tablet

PatientConnect Core

Communicate with patients, and manage medications with HRS' tablet only offering.

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HRS PatientConnect Mobile

PatientConnect Mobile

Expand access to care across all patients populations with HRS' Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) offering.

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Patient Connect Voice care call

PatientConnect Voice

Deliver automated calling to increase patient engagement and adherence post hospital discharge.

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Continuous Monitoring of All High Risk Patients

optimized care transitions

Home Health video call
  • Patient is discharged from hospital and enrolled in home health
  • Patient is automatically enrolled in the HRS RPM and telehealth program and is set-up with the telehealth equipment
  • Patient engages in HRS telehealth platform which includes real-time care team connection, condition-specific education,  biometric monitoring, and more
  • Patient is monitored by home health clinicians who intervene  when necessary to avoid adverse events

Comprehensive Telehealth Solutions for Every Patient

HRS doctor remote2-1

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