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PatientConnect Voice

  • Cohort specific engagement
  • Medication reminders
  • Readmission reduction programs
  • Automated patient triage
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PatientConnect voice mobile device with sample provider questions

How can PatientConnect Voice Help?

Icon of calendar and patient medication bottle

Improves medication adherence through automated medication reminders.

Icon of automated call for patient messages

Provides insight into patients condition through symptom surveys.

Icon of patient heartbeat on mobile device

Increases patient engagement and promotes patient independence.

Mobile device showing care call

Key Product Features

  • Automated calling to patients' personal device
  • Customizable on patients' care plan
  • Medication reminders
  • Appointment reminders
  • Activity reminders
  • Symptom surveys

PatientConnect Voice Use Case

PatientConnect Voice, HRS' interactive voice response (IVR) solution enables calling directly to the patient's phone. Increase patient engagement and improve adherence with custom reminders and symptom questions through automated calling.

Icon of patient with ECG heart

Chronic Disease

Icon of patient in hospital bed with biometric devices

Post Surgery

Icon of patient with speech bubble

Behavioral Health

Icon of pediatrician with young patient

Primary Care

Comprehensive Telehealth Solutions for Every Patient

Icon of physician performing virtual visit with telehealth

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