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October 15 - October 16, 2020


Vision to Virtual is a forum for innovators, healthcare executives, telehealth users, and technology champions to discuss the role of telehealth and remote patient monitoring (RPM) in today’s healthcare continuum.
On October 15th - 16th, Vision to Virtual will welcome back HRS clients and healthcare leaders from across the industry to network, brainstorm, and discuss how telehealth is revolutionizing healthcare.



Why Attend

As a leader in telehealth and RPM, who partners with over 225 health systems, home health organizations, hospice agencies, physician groups, and payers, Health Recovery Solutions is committed to providing attendees with a thorough knowledge base to launch or expand their telehealth and RPM program.  

Vision to Virtual offers a broad range of speakers and topics including reimbursement, virtual visits, leveraging data, chronic care management, and a series on responding to COVID-19. Whether new to telehealth, or boasting a decade of experience, Vision to Virtual will provide attendees with insight into telehealth and RPM and how these technologies are transforming patient care. 



Who Attends

Vision to Virtual brings together passionate, innovative providers from across the healthcare industry - from home care and hospice to health systems, physician groups, and payers.

Attendees of Vision to Virtual have the desire to explore how telehealth & RPM: 

  • Extend care services,
  • Improve patient outcomes,
  • Reduce healthcare costs,
  • Optimize clinician workflow; and,
  • Increase patient satisfaction

If you're interested in exploring novel ways to improve care delivery, you're in the right place!




Register Here to Attend Vision to Virtual

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